Ett rött hus med en gammal skylt "Mattila"

Mattila in english

Welcome to Mattila, a place to find!

We invite you to smallscale but multifaceted offer of experiences in outdoor, culture and sports.

Mattila is a small holliday village situated in the northwestern part of Värmland close to the Norwegian border. Finnskogen as this part of the countryside is called originates back to the 17th century, When many Finnish families moved to this area, and started cultivating the vast forests in a new way. This has since then evolved into a special culture and landscape. Mattila was one of the first habitats on Finnskogen and today much of the cultural heritage is honored and cared for here.

Today we are well known for our superb crosscountry tracks and our facilities of cosy cottages, restaurant, outdoor fireplaces and the only traditional “Smokehouse” (a house warmed up by smoke let out inside into the ceiling) that still is in regular use for our visitors. More and more guests come to walk or bike on one of our trails or simply explore the vast forests for themselves.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature in a number of ways like, bathing, fishing, canoeing, picking berries and mushrooms. All year around the silence and tranquility serves as a backdrop to your experiences.

We pride our selves in our small scale offering and the personal attention you deserve, should you choose to stay with us.

Best regards
Kurt Eide, Manager


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